Thursday, January 5, 2012

My background and the reason for this blog

I have decided to start this blog because this is a year where I'm going to go though the most changes.  I want to share with others my life experiences. This blog will  also let my family and friends that are far know how I am doing. The reason I title it Growing up is because this year will test me like no other. This year I'm graduating from Grad school with my Master in Social Work and hopefully will get my LSW and have my first professional job. I also plan on moving out of my studio apartment I have been living in for the past year and half and upgraded to something bigger and better.

I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. At 18 I decided to go to college in the U.S. specifically of all places Cleveland, Ohio. I attended John Carroll University, where I joining the best sorority ever Kappa Kappa Gamma. After graduating in 09 from JCU I went back and lived in Puerto Rico for a year where I worked. That year in Puerto Rico help me realized that I needed to work in something that I can help people. My mom is a social worker and talking to her and speding time with her and her job help me realize that I would want to do the same as her and dedicate my life to helping others. So I packed up again, and this time I came to The Ohio State University to pursue my MSW.  I have been living here in Columbus for a year and half now and I have to say I love Columbus way better than Cleveland! No offense to any Clevelander! But Columbus had so much to do!

Anyways, I am in my second year and in June it will be time to walk to the OSU stadium and get my Masters. Throughout this blog I will write about being here in Columbus as a single Latina trying to aim high and reach for her dreams. There will be happy, emotional, exciting stories, but they will also be very truthful. I hope you enjoy reading them!